Terms of use

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for using the platform www.alcazarsevilletour.com

INNOVATION PLATFORMS ONLINE, SL (hereinafter the “Owner”), is a company of Spanish nationality with CIF B90196080, and own the website https://alcazarsevilletour.com (hereinafter the “Platform”). The Platform is intended for publication, inquiries and bookings.

Through the Platform, it provides its users and visitors (hereafter the “Users”) access and use of various services and content (hereinafter the “Services”), made available by the Owner or by third parties (hereinafter “Local Experts”). Terms and Conditions of Use, Legal Notice, Privacy and Cookies Policy and Payments and Returns Policy (hereinafter “TAPP”), are designed to regulate the relationship between the Owner, Local Experts and Users accessing the platform, obtain or request the Service (hereinafter the “Service”).

The Holder may at any time modify the Services and TAPP if necessary by legal, economic or Owner’s needs, even modify all of the TAPP. Communication of these changes will take place posting a notice on the Platform or by email. Acceptance will be effective when the User or Local expert, continue the use of the services of the Platform, once notice of the modifications made. It is responsibility of User or Local Experts, verify each time you use the Platform, warnings and changes that can be made of TAPP.

User and Local Experts claim to be adults and accept the Owner’s TAPP, and that at any time can experience variations, being their responsibility to use the Services of the Platform, verify and check the TAPP and warnings that may exist. They are natural and legal persons that have been registered and whose registration the Owner has confirmed. Only natural and legally competent persons can register.

Users and Local Experts to register must provide name, surname and email address and fill out the form if the case, expanding the data requested. This data must be accurate and updated at all times.

Failure to comply with the conditions of registration, the Owner may enforce its rights as owner of the Platform by expelling the Users or Local Experts.

Headings expressed in this document are for information only and shall not affect, qualify or modify the interpretation of TAPP.


Functions de Conoce Mi Ciudad

Platform is an online service in which Local Experts can offer their escort services, tours and classes (hereinafter the “Service”), to the visitors to the city, Users.

The use of the Platform requires that users who use are registered, and that all data provided by these are current, complete and correct. Although you can reserve specific services without being registered.

Owner facilitates the Platform for communication between the Local Experts and Users who visit the city, which can make agreements and make visits. The Owner does not make visits, acted as a mere intermediary, for closing engagement between the Local Experts and Users.

The agreements are concluded between the Local Experts, providing your visit, and the Users, reserving the visit for the day and time agreed in the Platform. The Owner shall not form part of the agreements made by Users and Local Experts through the Platform.


Duration of use of the Services

The duration of the Services begins at the moment when the Local Experts and Users register on the Web, or request a Service through the Platform and ends at the moment that the Users or Local Experts request the unsubscribe or for some of the motives expressed in these GCT or is expelled.


Registration, publications and agreements between Users and Local Experts

For the use of the Platform is mandatory registration of Local Experts, this record is free and is done by email. When registering, accept the TAPP of Conoce Mi Ciudad.

Local Experts who wish to publish their services, they must fill a template offering its services (hereinafter the “Template”), this Template will need to fill conforms to the rules of the Owner and it will exist some fields mandatory completion. The Owner will check the Template introduced by Local Experts, not assuming any responsibility for the review and the services they decide to enter in the calendar. They can also perform this email communication provided by the Owner.

Local Experts may make publications and can fit them on the calendar, specifying the day and time that is available to perform the service. The Owner shall not charge anything for publications and all are free.

The Owner may limit prices; this limitation is done to facilitate access to services to the largest number of users.

Local Experts are solely responsible for the multimedia content published on the Platform (images, texts, etc.). The Owner shall not publish any content that may fail the standards established by the Platform. All claims of third parties have to be indemnified by the Local Experts or Users to the Owner, also including the costs of prosecution and adequate legal defense.

Local experts have to ensure that all content uploaded to the platform does not violate the legal provisions, good practices, or third parties rights (naming rights, personality rights, copyrights, rights data protection, etc.). All Users and especially Local Experts agree not to upload content that violates the terms of the Spanish penal code. Users and Local Experts are obliged in particular not to upload the Platform pornographic, violent or racist content. All this applies equally to sending emails and all other communications of the Platform.

Multimedia contents and texts uploaded by Users and Local Experts are transferred to the Owner, with all usage rights irrevocably, without time limit.

The contents of the Owner’s Platform are protected by copyright. It is prohibited the use of technology such as trackers or similar programs, whose purpose is not only indexing content, but also access mass, and is prohibited also save the content of the Platform. This also includes technologies that capture images.

The Users can book any tour that they interest; the visits are approved by Local Experts. Each visit will have a maximum of visitors, the minimum depends on the Local Experts and they may approve the visit with the number of visitors that they consider sufficient.


Cancellation or non-confirmation of visits scheduled by the Local Experts

The Local Experts may cancel visits if they consider that do not have a minimum visitors to make the visit. The Local Experts have to take into account that at the beginning they may not have too many visitors for their experiences, but the realization of these visits will make it easier for them to improve.

If annul the Local Experts visits continuously, the Platform may request or cancel that visit, remake and make the necessary modifications so that this visit generates interest in the users of this platform and the reservations for the visit are made. The Owner may take the appropriate measures, including expulsion from the Platform.

Platform may notify by email to the Local Experts the visits that are reserved daily, as long as any new reservation has been made.

The Local Experts are responsible to check, through the Platform, the Users Visitors have for their visits and to confirm as soon as possible its realization, they will have a maximum of 24 hours before the visit.

The Owner can cancel any of the visits, if it considers that the realization of this visit breaches the TAPP. And he will put the necessary means to facilitate the incorporation of the visitors (users) to other visits.


Expulsion of Local Experts and Users

Platform can perform the expulsion of Local Experts and Users who violate the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, as well as breach of the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy or any internal or general regulation applicable.