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Art in the Cathedral of Seville

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Entering the Sevillian Cathedral is immersing yourself in the wonderful and stimulating world of art. It is one of the most important artistic centers in Spain and its interior is home to countless works, many of them authentic masterpieces that are among the best works of art in the world.

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves with our tours in the different artistic and stylistic periods of this cathedral, entering the entrails of one of the largest cathedrals in the world. History, art, anecdotes and legends will be told by our guides to convey unique sensations and emotions that will remain in the memory of all visitors.

The Cathedral of Seville is, architecturally, a work of art in itself that houses an extensive artistic treasure, on a par with the best museums in the world, a treasure that encompasses different artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture, gold and silver work, ironwork, stained glass, plasterwork, cabinetry, textile, books, decorative arts, etc., which are formally expressed in different structures such as altars, altarpieces, paintings, pillars, pilasters, domes, tympanums, floors, doors, ecclesiastical furnishings, clothing, sacred images,… and that complete a vast iconography, both ecclesiastical and civil, which spans more than five centuries and that make up an impressive catalog of works of art that range from the Almohad period to the regionalist period.

As they say in Seville, the Cathedral would be worth a Bachelor’s degree. It is a reliquary of art, a jewelery box of masterpieces, an imposing divine work, an artistic spectacle that every human being should visit at least once in their life.

Domes of the Cathedral of Seville

Architecturally, a dome is a vault that closes the roof of part of a building and is usually in the shape of a half sphere or similar. Thus, mention must be made of four masterfully resolved spaces that possess exquisite beauty.

Bóveda Crucero de la Catedral de Sevilla

Crossing vault

At the beginning of the 16th century, the first dome of the Cathedral sank, which would be rebuilt seven years later, but in 1888, an earthquake caused it to collapse again, which will be rebuilt according to the original design. With 40 meters of height, slender, elegant and decorated with Gothic traceries, under its sky you can contemplate the architectural evolution of the human being.

Cúpula de la Sacristía Mayor

Dome of the Main Sacristy

The Main Sacristy is designed by Diego de Riaño in the 16th century and is one of the most important works of the Spanish Renaissance. The dome, which was completed by Martín de Gainza, rests on pendentives and gives way to a Greek cross plan. The reliefs that represent the Last Judgment stand out among a wide ecclesiastical iconography.
Cúpula de la Capilla Real

Dome of the Royal Chapel

The Royal Chapel is the head of the temple and is located in the place of the old apse of the Gothic Cathedral. The solemn dome, which was made by Hernán Ruiz II in the second half of the 16th century, covers a square space to which is added a semicircular apse. The decoration based on caissons with the heads of kings stands out.

Cúpula de la Sala Capitular

Dome of the Chapter House

Of serene and contained beauty, finished by Asensio de Maeda in the second half of the 16th century, it has an elliptical shape, and covers the same space in plan. Among the caissons, outlined in black and gold, there are nine canvases that the Cathedral Chapter commissioned in the 17th century from Murillo. Who is thought of as the most beautiful of the Immaculate Conception created by the painter, is accompanied by eight Sevillian saints: St. Ferdinand, St. Leander, St. Laurean, St. Rufina, St. Justa, St. Pius, St. Isidore and St. Hermenegildo.

Stained glass windows of the Cathedral of Seville

With 138 stained glass windows, the Cathedral of Seville is a kind of museum where you can see the historical evolution of this technique from the 15th century to the 20th century. This set forms a preconceived iconographic unit that was developed as the construction of the Cathedral progressed. The stained glass windows respond to the spaces that are formed from its peculiar architecture of the temple, giving rise to 10 types of stained glass windows and 3 different rosettes.
Vidriera Gótica de la Catedral de Sevilla

Gothic stained glass

The oldest stained glass windows, made by Enrique Alemán, are from the end of the 15th century and are located in the eastern part of the Cathedral, framed by Gothic canopies.
Vidriera Renacentista Catedral de Sevilla

Renaissance stained glass

The stained glass windows of the High Altar, made by Jean Jacques and placed at the beginning of the 16th century, would be the first of this style. The masters Arnao de Vergara, Arnao de Flandes, Carlos de Brujas and Vicente Menardo shared the authorship of the rest of the more than 40 Renaissance stained glass windows, spread throughout the temple.
Vidriera Barroca Catedral de Sevilla

Baroque and neoclassical
stained glass Windows

The 17th, 18th and 19th centuries were not prolific. The 12 baroque stained glass windows were made by Juan Bautista León and Mateo Martínez, while the only neoclassical stained glass window, from the beginning of the 19th century, is anonymous.

The 12 baroque stained glass windows were made by Juan Bautista León and Mateo Martínez

Vidrieras Catedral de Sevilla

20th century stained
glass windows

At the end of the 19th century, the German company Zettler in Munich undertook the work of several new stained glass windows, working under the designs of José Gestoso. The new windows include the three that collapsed in the 1888 earthquake.

Due to the state in which the stained glass windows were found at the end of this century, the Chapter Cathedral ordered a restoration program, while taking the opportunity to finish some that were pending. The restoration was entrusted to the Maumejean house, which also made some new stained glass windows, and its staff includes Otto Kruppel y Vicente Prianes.

Painting in the Cathedral of Seville

With more than 800 works, many of them of the highest quality, the Cathedral of Seville is considered one of the most important art galleries in Spain. It must be said that the bars in the chapels have played a fundamental role in the conservation and protection of this magnificent pictorial legacy. Both the Cathedral Chapter, as well as the wealthy families who used the Cathedral as the site of their burials and who on many occasions donated their postmortem collections, contributed to the extensive number of works, which range from the 15th to the 20th century.

Among the oldest paintings, from the end of the 14th century, the canvas of the Virgin of the Antigua stands out. During the 16th century, the funds of the cathedral art gallery were expanded thanks to the enrichment of the Cathedral through trade with the Americas, with works by authors such as Alejo Fernández, Pablo de Céspedes and Pedro de Campaña. The baroque is represented by painters such as Herrera El Viejo, Murillo or Zurbarán, among others. Matías Arteaga and Lucas Valdés stand out among the paintings of the Spanish school of the 18th century. The representation of the Saints Justa and Rufina by Goya is the most important work of the 19th century. The 20th century, only one monumental painting: the Allegory of the Immaculate Conception.

The pictorial background is so extensive that a visit with our guides is essential so that the visitor can productively appreciate the historical and iconographic evolution of the cathedral paintings.

Pintura en la Catedral de Sevilla
Arte y Pintura en la Catedral de Sevilla
Historia del Arte de Sevilla
Tratado de Arte Catedral de Sevilla
Arte Religioso Catedral de Sevilla

Discover the secrets of the Cathedral of Seville

Visit its history, its doors, its altars and its works of art.
With our tour you will discover in detail one of the most beautiful places in the world.

With ten access doors and a rectangular floor plan, it is a model of the Cathedral that influenced many Novohispanic cathedrals after the conquest of the New World.

The Cathedral of Seville was created as an architectural madness, being the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world. Going through its interior, with our tours, is a real stimulus for the senses of any visitor.

Discover the history of the Cathedral of Seville through the centuries and the different historical periods through which it has passed, from the Almohad to the present.

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